Monday, September 6, 2010

"The Role of Teenagers in today's Society"

Nowadays teenagers are very much in the "fast-forwarded" state if living, and parents and guardians must cope with the fast pace society especially now that prevalent technology such as computer's is very much in the now, and teenagers must be; guided accordingly so that their role in the society will have sense and meaning perhaps as to a contribution; Firstly, they must not forget the old ways on parenting so that if they become parents as well they can impart to their children and the next generation the old but best way of rearing a child in every single way and one of which as such of which as such is being respectful to parents in return, and to everything around him or her.
being active to the advocacy of others that will benefit everybody, whether for people or for a thing, a place or an event for that matter, and at the same time a teenager whether a student or out of school youth he or she must not be a burden to the society or environment, like helping in cleaning the surroundings or even just helping in the household chores is a very big contribution to a family unit, because for one, family unit is a part of a society.

And somehow a teenager's role in the society is to be vigilant, be aware of what's happening around him or her as a teenager, and never be a part of the rotten system of Government in one way or the other and especially not to get into drugs but for GOD.